About Shaghayegh

Shaghayegh Software Engineering Co. was established in 2004 as a private joint stock company in Tehran, Iran with the sole purpose of providing a wide range of IT and software solutions and services for legal entities. The unique and human-resource intensive nature of Shaghayegh’s business calls for special attention and considerable investment in the area of training and human resource development. In order to maintain its leadership in the market, Shaghayegh has extensively invested in developing and maintaining  qualified and skillful human resources based on which, the company is fully capable of developing business and accordingly getting remarkable achievements in following aeras of expertise :

  • Software Production
  • Sales
  • Software and Hardware Installation
  • After Sales Support and Services

Relying on continuous success along with professional experience and academic knowledge, Shaghayegh tries to position itself one of the leading companies in Behsazan Farda Holding and Mellat bank.

Years of effort and achievement, proves that the company deservs the highest position among its competitors.. Based on the assessment done by the Higher Commission of Informatics – the government appointed agency for the evaluation of IT based companies – Shaghayegh Engineering Software Co. received the highest grade in “Customer Support” and “Software Production” areas of business. 


Ali Golzari

Reza Bagheri Bijarbone

Mohsen Zarandi Moghadam

Alireza Bijar

Organization Chart